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Organic Cotton Fashion Products are now in trend

Organic Cotton Fashion Products are now in trend

You don't change the world by just looking at it, you change it by the choices you make to live in it. Is what the Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Fashion brand 'FABCLO' MAYANK SINHA lives by. Fabclo is a sustainable fashion brand based out of Bangalore. We spoke to Mayank to understand the idea behind the inception of Fabclo and his future plans for the brand. Fashion can be divided into two segments. Fast and Sustainable.

Fast fashion products are made of inferior quality raw materials with artificial colors and synthetic materials, where as Sustainable Fashion products are made of 100% organic material, with no genetically modified seeds and chemicals. Fabclo products are made with 100% organic cotton sourced from well trained network of Farmers and NGO's  who work closely with Farmers.

India is the largest producer of cotton in the world with 47% of the total world's cotton production out of which Organic is just 1%. Challenges we face as an Organic brand is the lack of awareness of Organic apparaells and that Organic Clothes being more expensive than regular cotton because of the high input cost.

Slowly and gradually people are understanding the benefits of Organic clothes, they are skin friendly and eco friendly also have a better longevity. Fabclo currently sells Men's range T Shirts and Organic Face Masks, Mayank wants Fabclo to be a homegrown Indian brand with International presence, he is working in increasing the product portfolio and conceptualizing strategies to convert clicks into sales. Fabclo currently sells from its own website Do visit the FABCLO site and check the Organic Clothing collection.

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